About the Organization

The World Leisure Organization – Hong Kong Chapter (WLOHK) was founded and approved as a society by the Hong Kong SAR government and confirmed as a Chapter by the World Leisure Organization Board of Directors in 2008.


 1-   To promote leisure practice and education in Hong Kong, SAR, China.

 2-   To foster enquiry through research and scholarship for discovering the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences.

 3-   To disseminate knowledge and information related to leisure development and experiences.

 4-   To advocate for conditions that optimize leisure experiences and programs.

Our Executive Committee Members

Prof. Atara Sivan

Ms. Elizabeth Dendle

Dr. Lawal Marafa


Committee Profile

Prof Atara Sivan, B.A., M.A. (Cum Laude), PgDE, Ph.D

Atara Sivan is the founder and president of the World Leisure Organization – Hong Kong Chapter (WLOHK). She is Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Professor in the Department of Education Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. She serves as the President of the World Leisure Academy and the Editor-in-Chief of World Leisure Journal and has been serving as a member of the WLO Board of Directors for numerous years as well as an executive member of its Education Commission. Her research interests are in the areas of youth development and leisure education, curriculum, pedagogy and teacher education. She has contributed to the development of leisure education internationally through the preparation and dissemination of position papers, serving as a scientific adviser to the development of a comprehensive leisure education curricula for schools in Israel, examining leisure patterns in Hong Kong and cross culturally and publishing extensively in this area. Among her co-authored books are:  Leisure Education Towards the 21st Century, Leisure EducationCommunity Development and Populations with Special Needs, Leisure Education in School Systems and Leisure Education. She is the recipient of numerous international awards including the International Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology and the Hillel Ruskin Memorial Scholar Lecture Award.

Elizabeth A. Dendle, MSc. Lough,  Recreation Management.

Elizabeth Dendle is Senior Programme Director, College of Life Science and Technology at The University of Hong Kong – School of Professional and Continuing Education.  She assumes the role of HKU SPACE Programme Leader for the Master of Physical Education and Sport Training offered with Beijing Sport University – China, a series of Bachelor degree programmes in Work Based Learning Studies offered with Middlesex University – UK and the BSc (Hons) Sport management offered with the University of Northumbria – UK.  Other programmes developed at HKU SPACE for which she is Programme Leader include those in the areas of Sport Event Management, Fitness and Exercise Studies, Sport Coaching and Sport Injury Management, Recreational Spa Management and other shortcourses in the subject area. She has diverse experience in education, and commercial recreation and sport in Hong Kong and currently supervises students and lectures in Sport and Recreation Management and Marketing, Work Based Learning Studies and co-ordinates Work Experience programmes.

Ass Prof. Lawal Marafa, MSc (Moscow) PgD (U.K.) PhD (CUHK).

Lawal Marafa is a professor at the Department of Geography and Resource Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the Director, Postgraduate programme in Sustainable Tourism. Dr. Marafa is a Director of the World Leisure Organization.
His teaching and research interests include Ecotourism, Tourism Policy, Tourism and Environment, Natural Resource Management, Leisure, Recreation Planning and Management, Sustainable Development, and Knowledge Sharing and Management for Development. Dr. Marafa was awarded the “Exemplary Teacher Award” for outstanding teaching performance in 2005. Dr. Marafa is also the recipient of the Royal Belum Inaugural Ecotourism Award, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, 2007 and served as a facilitator at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2008.



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