In Hong Kong, as in most places, there’s a vast array of leisure options for consumers. Some people like to spend their free time walking in the park with family and/or friends whereas others prefer more active pursuits like cycling or jogging. In the world of sport there are many choices from playing in competitions, being coached to learn new skills, training for an event or having an informal ‘shoot-out’ at a local basketball court. The visual and performing arts also provide many opportunities for participation at all sorts of levels in all sorts of venues. Whatever the case, there is a rich leisure environment in Hong Kong that is supported by an array of professionals to help people from all walks of life to have a happy and safe leisure experience. You may be one of those leisure professionals and you may well benefit from networking with like-minded colleagues. The Hong Kong Chapter of The World Leisure Organization provides such an opportunity for you. The WLOHK jigsaw illustrates the scope of professional interest groups that make up our organization. Your interest may lie in one or more of these groups. Fear not, you are welcome to become involved and participate to whatever extent you wish. At present, there is huge scope for these groups to grow and develop, and If you are a student, the WLOHK offer you a special student rate. (click here for more info).

Any particular interest group is welcome to stage seminars and workshops, conduct exhibitions, competitions or field trips, run debates or forums focusing on topics of interest, organize social events for members or host discussions via this website. The opportunities are endless.

Furthermore, the jigsaw is not limited to the options presented; there may be an interest group within the Hong Kong leisure, sport and leisure areas that you may like to help build and develop that is not represented within the current jigsaw framework. Whatever the case, you have the chance through World Leisure involvement to find your piece in the jigsaw.  Join Now (click to go to membership)

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