WLOHK welcomes Dr. Christopher Edginton – WLO Secretary General.

WLOHK welcome WLO SG 2013521

Secretary General Dr Chris Edginton with: (from left to right)
Liz Dendle, Lawal Marafa, Atara Sivan, Chris Edginton,  C. K. Chan, Winnie Wong & John Li

Comments and congratulations from Dr Edginton


Your participation in the World Leisure Organization Hong Kong Chapter (WLOHK) provides you with an extraordinary opportunity to network together locally and on an international basis to promote leisure. The World Leisure Organization’s Chapters program provides individuals and groups with numerous opportunities for professional and personal development in support of its goals and aims.

Founded in 2008, the World Leisure Hong Kong Chapter is one of our most progressive, well organized and effectively led and is aimed at encouraging professional leadership development and community service. Membership in the World Leisure Organization Hong Kong Chapter is drawn from educational institutions, charitable and nonprofit agencies, government organizations and business and corporations and represents tourism; parks, recreation and leisure services; the arts and culture; sport; fitness and exercise; theme and entertainment centers; and children’s play.

Established in 1956, the World Leisure Organization is a nonprofit, nongovernmental association of persons and organizations from throughout the world. We are committed to the belief that well selected leisure experiences improve the quality of life for all – from childhood to later life.

The World Leisure Organization promotes leisure as integral to social, cultural and economic development. We are committed to enlarging choice, affirming and enriching cultural identities and promoting sustainable and well distributed economic growth through leisure.

We encourage your involvement and participation in the Hong Kong World Leisure Chapter and look forward to engaging with you in the future.



Christopher R. Edginton, Ph.D.;
Secretary General

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